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Linda Collins

A joint-founder, Linda is pretty much the life blood behind the Club, taking on, over many years, a large part of the booking and behind-the-scenes work involved in making the Club a success. She also has a relly good, tuneful voice, and a quirky liking for singing the odd risque ditty. Be warned!

Brian Peters

A giant on the international folk circuit, Brian has visited the Club on several occasions, always to great acclaim.

Geoff Lakeman

Geoff bangs out a couple of cracking sets at one of our guest nights. Personality and virtuosity all rolled into one!

Alistair Brown

Alistair has done pretty much everything - certainly too much to be listed here. Suffice to say that he is a brilliant singer, musician, raconteur and teller of dubious jokes. He can often be seen at the club (when he's in the country!), either performing solo or as part of a duo with Peter Wray.

Dave Webber & Anni Fentiman

Dave and Anni provided a night of quality songs , delivered with passion and humour. Their evening of traditional, original and self-penned material had the audience shuting for more.


James Findlay

An absolutely prodigious talent for one so young. James is equally skilled on guitar fiddle and squeezebox and this, combined with his fine, rich vocal style made him a worthy winner of BBC Young Folk Award 2010.

Hilary Roberts

Hilary loves traditional songs, especially if female oriented; she is an occasional MC, edits the @PenzanceFolkClub Facebook page, and has been known to sell CDs and raffle tickets at folk events.

Geoff Lakeman

Originally from Newlyn, Geoff has a fine pedigree as a singer of folk song, and this was very much to the fore when he returned to his roots to an enthusiastic welcome from the Club.

Alan Collins

A joint-founder of the Club, Alan has been a stalwart for years, until recently taking responsibility for much of the organisation and running of the whole shebang. In addition to this, he can show a deft set of fingers on the concertina, although you wouldn't want to ask him to sing!

Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer

Anita Foley

This is a little lass with a BIG voice! Anita, a skilled guitarist and singer, has a really wide and interesting repertiore of songs, all of which she interprets and performs with real power, precision and passion. When she 'pumps up the volume', she can crack glasses - spectacle wearers beware!

Rita Hosking & Sean Feder

Rita and Sean from California provided us with a brilliant night of fantastic song and really stonking accompaniment. The harmonies were selective and tight and the material was beautifully chosen and well-written. Please come again!


Dick & Maggie Trickey (aka. Bridge the Gap)

Maggie is a Scot and Dick is from Cornwall, and, although living in Aberdeen, they visit the area a couple of times a year, at least, and, as the aptly named 'Bridge the Gap', always come to entertain us with their rich repertoire of song from here, there and everywhere (as well as Scotland!)

Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner

Lynne and Pat are two of the most experienced and established harmony singers on the folk scene. They have a leaning towards traditional English material, but occasionally diversify and perform their own material and Victorian/Edwardian songs. Lots of humour on the night

Peter Wray

Occasionally referred to as "the ethnic minority", Peter has his finger in more pies than is good for him! As well as performing as a solo artist, he also sings with a capella trio, Baldrick's Plan and works in a duo with fellow singer-musician, Alistair Brown. And if that's not enough, he also runs the monthly Singing Cellar at the Turk's Head here in Penzance (see Links page).

Steve Turner

Linda Camidge

Linda favours everything in the historical-melancholic line, and apart from singing (and leftists politics) fingers away enthusiastically at tunes on the concertina. A very sweet voice and a lovely person.

Jody Kruskal


Peter Wray & Alistair Brown